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Module 4 - Global Energy Perspectives


Course Description:

Module 4 - Global Energy Perspectives.mp4 from Indigenous Clean Energy on Vimeo.

Global Energy Perspectives will introduce participants to energy systems, policy, and technological innovation outside of Canada. The module will specifically focus on Indigenous led energy initiatives across the globe and explore intersectional lens that influence global energy systems such as gender and environment. Participants will expand their understanding beyond the Canadian context and be inspired to look more broadly when exploring energy solutions and innovations. Participants will explore global energy perspectives through case studies and analysis of Indigenous led energy projects in jurisdictions outside of Canada.

  • Explore Indigenous clean energy leadership, ventures and project pathways through examples from around the globe.
  • Understand how gender, land rights and environmental justice can influence energy development in a global context.
  • Understand of global perspectives could, or do, influence Canadian energy development and transition.

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