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Module 3 - Energy Features


Course Description:

Module 3 - Energy Futures.mp4 from Indigenous Clean Energy on Vimeo.

The Energy Futures module will examine the future of energy in Canada, and globally, and explore the clean energy transition. The module will introduce participants to emerging energy markets, technology, innovation and processes. The module will also highlight Indigenous leadership in Canada’s energy transition. Participants will learn about energy career job projections as well as new roles that may become available in the future across the sector, including opportunities in research and development. 

  • Explore emerging energy markets including community-scale energy efficiency, bioenergy land management, and feedstocks, hydro facility refurbishment, ‘behind the meter’ renewable energy, renewable energy microgrids, municipal partnerships, district energy, and transport electrification.
  • Understand research and development in the context of Canada’s energy sector.
  • Explore job projections for current and future energy career pathways.
  • Understand the importance of different forms of innovation in the energy sector outside of just technological innovations. Policy and regulatory innovations, social capital innovations, decentralized energy solutions focused on community leadership.
  • Identify challenges with bringing new energy technologies and other sectoral innovations to market - from research innovation to implementation.
  • Identify opportunities for Indigenous leadership in innovative technical, political and other energy challenges for the future.

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