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Module 1 - Indigenous Energy Perspective


Course Description:

Module 1 - Indigenous Energy Perspectives.mp4 from Indigenous Clean Energy on Vimeo.

Indigenous Energy Perspectives will introduce participants to energy basics from a uniquely Indigenous lens. The course will explore Indigenous understandings of energy and energy systems, our experiences of energy, and our ability to influence (and be influenced) by energy. Participants will also become familiar with Indigenous Clean Energy leadership in a Canadian context and explore case studies of clean energy community projects. Students will come to understand how energy impacts their everyday life and explore small changes they can make that lead to big impacts in terms of energy conservation, efficiency, and clean energy transition.

  • Understand energy conceptually from an Indigenous perspective.
  • Explore the impact of energy on daily life and our ability to influence energy.
  • Understand and contextualize Indigenous clean energy leadership in Canada.
  • Identify individual actions that can influence energy usage and efficiency.

Deep Dive Resources

Tools for Action

Discussion Questions